Had a little damage on #6 rod bearing some time ago, after new crank shaft, rod and all the bearings everything was back to normal, except fluttering through the rpm range. So, I measured the pressures and they were fine, while pulling the injectors I noticed #6 tip was clean and shiny with only one small slice of soot. I took it apart, cleaned well with WD40 and pneumatic air. Engine ran fine after putting it all together, so the reason for the fluttering was the injector but again this morning it was fluttering a bit, not so much as it used to but I could feel it. While returning the press. gauge back to the shop I arranged time for tomorrow morning, I will remove the injectors in their shop and they will run them in a tester to see whats wrong with them.

DevilsCastle will be reformed on next year and transferred to another server. However the domain name still remains. Also general clean up will be done to the pages and a better for sale section is under plans too, with new products for a year 2007.

I don’t like to add switches all over the dash, so I needed to tinker something else. Noticed that tilt lever can be moved forward but it doesn't serve any function. What a perfect place to hide OD switch inside the column. OD needs just a ground pulse to work, so the micro switch grounds the OD wire when you push the tilt lever forward. Wire from the switch runs next to the cruise control wires, rest of it, is just simple things like drilling a hole for the tip of the switch etc. the pics are pretty self-explaining.

Right after test runs and wash

Suburban has been approved to road use this morning, what's left to do, is wire the cruise control and overdrive switch. Also new washer fluid container and expansion tank needs to be done, but only after my garage has been cleaned out of four years project junk.