Have done just small things like flaps for all four corners with a rubber "slice" which keep dirt off from top of the fuel tank and surrounding frame.

Layer of LA20MA installed to the hood.

2mm bitumen installed to the hood, next layer to put there is same material what I used for the fire wall

Front disc are back from a balancing job, what you are looking here is adapter to get the discs to balancing machine. They were removed quite amount off the discs, so looks like it wasn't money wasted. When you have everything apart, it's easy to do things a little bit better than usually. The filter and pump next to the frame is just a filtering loop, pumps it through the filter and then back to the return line.

Bumper and grill back on, need to grid a bit off the grill on both lower corners to make it fit over the IC.


Start it up on Saturday, timing was too much retarded and a raw fuel was entered to the hot exhaust manifold, resulting a huge cloud of smoke! After correcting the timing it was all like it should be.

I welded a shaft to an old oil pump and primed the engine before bolting the cover back on, took smokes out my power drill four times and decided that's good enough. Radiator is back on its place and started to work with the water hose's, upper one needs a metal tube between the piece's and lower one is going to be a combination of Dodge and 90 deg. elbow from a shop. The other pic shows clearance between the engine and rad. still plenty of room there. Ran out of hose's, clamps etc. so decided to bolt front end staff back on, it's need to be done at some point anyway.

Oil filter relocated on the left corner, it's going to a breeze to change it form now on. I located the filter to the left side because right side is filled with air filter etc. there just wasn't enough room for a convenient filter access

Got the filter bracket finished and back on place.

Done some work with the radiator last evening, painted it and cut few pieces of aluminum to hold down two 16" fans.

Few pics what has been done lately, a tube from BHAF to the turbo has been done and the air filter sits now place where it's going to be. Also started to fabricated a bracket for the filter, got few tubes bent and weld together last evening. Trying to finish it tonight, so I could move on with the things.