Plumping is pretty much done what comes to engine oil lines etc. what's still left are lines for the transmission cooler and engine oil filter, like you see in the picture I'm using plate which allows you to locate the filter elsewhere. I dropped in the AC lines to see how they fit, it's obvious that they too need some modifications, so just this morning picked up a handful of AC stuff from http://www.tampereenautokylma.fi/palvelut.html

Not much to show this time, been spending the week by doing new brake lines all the way from master cylinder to front and back. The front lines needed to route differently due to new front cross member and the rear ones, because I swapped the whole line to drivers side to keep the turbo and exhaust side of the frame clean. Also finished fuel lines to the filter and injection pump and some other minor things related to

The radiator support has been finished, other side's black and the other is gray, just like the engine bay.AC thing has finished also, I grind off a slight amount of frame to gain more clearance between the ac pulley and the frame.

May 09

Radiator support is ready for the paint job, square nuts are welded on for the rubber cushions to keep the cooler happy! front side is painted black and engine bay side is going to be painted with same color as rest of that area.

holes drilled to the radiator support for the IC intake and outlet, next on the list is to drill holes for fasteners and paint the thing.

The AC bracket done and bolted on with the compressor, only a slight trimming needs to be done to the frame just next to the pulley and area behind that, to get enough clearance between. Other spots are far enough off the frame.

May 02

AC fastener starts to take a shape, the small part which is going to support rear part of it, just needs to be welded on it's place and holes drilled for it. After everything has weld on it's time to smooth out all the edges, blast it and paint it.

Almost forget to mention, Suburban was on a local hot rod show which takes place every spring. http://www.hotrod-rockshow.com/

April 21

Intercooler measurements had been taken and cooler ordered from a local cooler shop. Last night started to work with AC brackets, it's going to sit almost on stock position. I first grind about 8mm off the block to gain clearance to the frame, also got the first part of the new ac bracket cut off from a 10mm sheet metal.

April 12:

Radiator and grille "taped" on place to take measurements for intercooler

Radiator support after zinc and wash primer coating

Engine bay wiring mainly done, just need to add few wires to the Cruise and some other minors. Got the radiator support from sand blaster and primed it last night with zinc paint.

The box for the relays etc. is done and painted. Last night did also a fastener for ABS box which is going to be located next to the relay box. Got it done but it's not bolted on yet due to fresh paint job.

Dodge fuse box is partly wired and installed on top of the fender, the other box which is under work is for the grid's, shot down solenoid and fuel heater relays. I need to turn the grid relays 90 degrees to get them fit inside of the box.

More work has been done with the wires, the spot where they come off the fender again is going to be a place for a box which will contain all the needed relays, fuses and related things:

First section of the harness on it's place with the fasteners, it goes nicely around the oil pan.

Buddy of mine was helping me out and now the fenders are there. Engine related wiring is starting to be on the better side. Fasteners are done which are holding the wires next to the oil pan:

Painted the inner fenders for the color of the body, I need to bolt them on place to get relays, cruise vacuum thing etc. located on top of the right fender and finish the wiring. The fenders are sandblasted, zing painted, primed and smoothed, then top coated, I also welded the OEM holes prior the painting, don't have any use for them and also to get a cleaner look:

January 06:

ECM installed to the firewall and wiring ongoing. The main harness follows edge of the oil pan and connects there for needed sensors etc. to keep the engine bay looking clean: